Revolution Comics: Pariah Fallen Angel
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Publisher / Writer

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Hi! I'm Orlando Harding publisher of Revolution Comics. I would like to thank all of you who have supported us thus far. Pariah will take you on an adventure never experienced before. Being born and raised in the bay area has always made me return home and I am proud to have created the bay area's first super hero The cities that I have lived in like San Francisco, East Palo Alto, and San Jose has had a tremendous impact on me returning home to my roots in the bay area.

As a kid, I grew up watching sci-fi stuff and fell in love with it. The largest influence on me and was responsible for activating my creativity and love for sci-fi and fantasy was Star Wars, created by George Lucas. To date, I still think it is the coolest movie that I have ever seen. I've been told that in regards to stories, that just about everything had been done before so I had to come up with something unique, something that people had not seen before. I wanted to not only surprise people, but also peak their interests. I wanted to do something that had never been attempted before and this is why I put Pariah in the city of Oakland. I think people should understand that super heroes are needed everywhere - especially the rough cities.

Some people have called Pariah groundbreaking. I just think that is was long over due and I hope that you enjoy it.


Penciler / Inker

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David Miller is a Concept artist /comic book penciler, inker and painter based out of NY where he runs his studio. His work accomplishments include clients from an assortment of Entertainment arts based individuals and organizations including: Andreas Carlson , Carnival Comics, Elias Arts LLC, Image Comics, Overcast Studio and Revolution Comics. Currently David is one of the lead visual developers for Revolution's Pariah film. In his spare time David enjoys gaming, running, camping and tubing down the Esopus river with friends. Contact:

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